Lifestyle Photography

The instant story you want to send

Traditional is NOT enough

A woman in a formal outfit is the standard but


Ambition in her eyes is INSPIRATIONAL

Outfit selection defines your personality

People select you based on their company culture who you are

and a formal outfit with a neutral look is a shot in the dark

You're showing them you in action

And that Impressive feeling = Trust


That's the end goal of all photos

Will he play a good hero in a movie?

Is she a dependable real estate agent?

Can this person make me money?

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and it's true

Non-verbally, and candidly

Here's some examples that SHOW you're trustworthy:

Rock Climbing = Fearless & Strong

Treasurer of an Organization = Responsible

Ex-military = Results-Driven

Public Speaker = An authority in their industry

Hiking trips at sunrise = Timely & Adventurous

Testimonies = Can deliver

  • The moment you win a race (dependable)

  • People cheering for you at a birthday (a good person)

  • The crowd going wild at your basketball shot (reliable)

  • You presenting in front of a board of directors (risk-taker)

  • A coach being drenched in Gatorade after winning a game (loved & trusted)

  • Grand opening of a restaurant with owner and ribbon cut (entrepreneur)

but we don't have birthdays and global scale game-winning moments everyday.

That's why I focus on Commercial and Lifestyle photography.

Commercial, I'm showcasing your product.

Lifestyle, I document an everyday moment of a person.

I'm showcasing your product in an everyday moment.

And the best way to sell anything, is through capturing emotions.

Blissful Customers eating your cupcakes

Ambitious Basketball players practicing with others

Confident Chef placing meals with expert care

Passionate Church Leaders hosting Bible Study

Attentive Coach training client

If you're a business, pictures instantly help decide if they're interested.

and if you're selling to a person, other people will be your best asset.

People Buy from People. Especially online.

And photos can say a lot about you that you don't even notice.

  1. How happy people look with you in a photo

  2. How you look doing your hobbies

and they all come from how you take care of things that are important to you


bc if you can take care of others, you can take care of me and my business

How does someone know you take you seriously?

High Quality photos at your best,

If you can do business with trustworthy brands, that's a cherry on top.

Let's say you're not in a community and you just want to show people you're more than just your job. 

That's where lifestyle pictures are valuable.

Just like the popular kids in high school. They're not just confident, they're charming/good looking, they're SGA President, a sports player, homecoming queen, a pageant winner, solo violinist in orchestra, talent show winner, track star.

These are the personality accolades that set you apart from anyone else doing the same job as you. 

if a realtor promises he can get the work done but doesn't show others trust him, how can they trust you.

An baker doesn't need to prove she can follow directions

A football coach doesn't need to prove he's analytical

A soldier doesn't need to prove being on time

 If you can prove to people that you have certain skills, they won't question your ability to follow through.

Your personality and expertise can be proven indirectly.

It matters what you're doing to guide what everyone else is doing

These photos are designed to authentically show them who you are so they know what to expect.

If they accept/ask to go on a date, they chose to date YOU.

If you're offered for a job you applied for, they selected YOU.

If you're paid for a business you provide, they paid because they trust YOU.

Showing who you are will make everyone else REMEMBER who you are.